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Island Beneath the Sea

April 6, 2013


If only every man/woman of the cloth was like Father Antoine.

My favourite character: Violette Boisier

Favourite bits:  Too many to mention but I just loved this:

Zarite has just obtained her freedom after many years in slavery – she sits on the bench outside the court and cries.  An old friend approaches her, when the tears have been spent and tells her he would buy her a dress.

“Are you rich, Zacharie?”

“I’m poor but I live like a rich man.  This is wiser than being rich and living like a poor man.”  He burst out laughing.  “When I die, my friends will have to take up a collection to bury me, but my epitath will say in gold letters: “Here lies Zacharie, the wealthiest black man along the Mississippi.”  I already ordered the inscription on the stone, and I keep it under my bed………  It is the only thing that stays on, Zarite.  In a hundred years visitors to the cemetery will be able to admire the tombs of Violette and Zacharie and imagine we had a good life.”


From the island of Saint-Domingue, which later became Haiti after the slave revolution, which saw the plantation owners running for their lives to Louisiana, I truly enjoyed this great read by Isabel Allende.  The characters – Zarite, raped many times by her owner, Violette Boisier, the courtesan; Gambo, Zacharie… Many times, I held the book and thought at how atrocious the slave trade truly was, and all because some people had to have their sugar!!!

  1. coilyafrican permalink

    Hey, just found your blog.

    I really liked this book, especially the background on Haiti.

    I can’t wait to explore your blog

  2. Thank you so much for your comment – I just add to post about that book, and after all this time, I still like Violette

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